Dominoes Rules

How to play

To set up the game place all dominoes face down and “shuffle” them. This is known as the stockpile.

Each player selects a domino from the stock, the player who selects the highest double starts the game. If no double, the highest domino will start the game.

These dominoes are then returned to stock

If you are playing with 2 players, each player selects 7 dominoes from the stock. With 3 or more players, each select 5 dominoes.

The player who is going first, places their highest domino in the centre to start the game.

Each player takes a turn to match the dots on one side of the dominoes in play. Should a player be unable to match, then they need to pick up a domino from the stock.

The player who finishes their dominoes first, wins the game.

Giant Dominoes