Croquet setup horizontal

How to play

You can play with 2 to 6 players! The game consists of mallets (those wooden things that look like hammers), balls, hoops and pegs.

The course is set up by placing one peg at the start and one peg at the end of the course. The hoops are placed in random positions between the two pegs.

The sequence of the hoops should be determined before play starts.

The objective of the game is to get your ball through all the hoops, in the correct sequence and then hit the final peg.

Each player chooses a colour and that will be their ball.

Each player gets one strike at a time, where after it is the next player’s turn until all the players have had a turn. This is repeated until a player gets through the course and hits the final peg. The tallest person starts, followed by the second tallest and so forth (heels and shoes included).

A hoop can be passed from either side of the hoop. Your next strike will be from where your ball lies after the previous strike.

If another player’s ball is in your way, you are not allowed to move it.

If you strike another player’s ball through a hoop, that hoop counts for the other player. You are not allowed to strike another player’s ball with your mallet.

How to win

You must strike your ball through all the hoops in the correct sequence and then hit the final peg! The first person to hit the final peg wins!