Boules Rules

Set Up

You can play with as many players as you like, but it’s usually more fun when it’s not just you!

The game consists of 48 blocks stacked to form a giant tower. The blocks are stacked on a smooth, level surface in layers consisting of 3 blocks per layer. The blocks in each layer are placed next to one another, all facing the same direction. Each subsequent layer is placed perpendicular to the previous layer.

How to play

When it’s your turn, you must remove one block from the tower and place it at the top. Once you have placed the block on the top of the tower, and the tower remains stable for 10 seconds, it is the next player’s turn. The top layer must be completed (have 3 blocks) before a new layer may be started. You may not remove a block from the top 3 layers of the tower. You are only allowed to touch one block at a time.

You are not allowed to use two hands or stabilise the tower at any stage during the game.

How to win

You win by not losing! The player that knocks over the tower loses, making the other player(s) the winner!

Loser re-stacks the jenga tower.